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Admission Requirements

Sta. Clara Parish School admits new students in the basis of the result of the entrance examination.
An Admission is granted to the applicants with the definite understanding that the students and their parent or guardian
agree to comply with the scholastic and discipline policies of the school.

Admission Requirements

1.1.1 Requirements for Entrance Examination:
Photocopy of Report Card
Two (2) pieces of 2×2 ID Picture
Entrance Examination Fee
Accomplished Application Form

1.1.2 Enrolment Requirements:
Original Report Card Signed by the Principal.
Original Good Moral Character coming from Previous school
Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate.
Baptismal Certificate ( For Catholics Only)
SCPS Recommendation Form ( Accomplished by previous school )

1.1.3 Additional Requirements

For All Applicants:
Submit Photocopy of Valid Government Permit issued by the Department of Education if the previous school of the applicant is not listed in the current Directory of Schools recognized by the Department of Education.
Provisional Enrolment. (Article IV. Sec 129-2010 Revised Manual of Regulation for Private Schools in Basic Education)

“The provisional enrolment of the students shall be conditioned on the submission of his valid admission or transfer credentials on or before the last day of the school year.”

Provisionally enrolled student shall not be enrolled for the next higher level for the next school year, if he / she cannot submit his valid admission or transfer credentials until the last day of classes; and
Whatever credits for the subject he / she may pass shall not be recognized.

Invalid Enrolment. (Based on Article IV Sec.130- 2010 Revised Manual Regulation for Private School in Basic Education)

Unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Secretary of Education, the enrolment of any student who is under a term of suspension or expulsion, or the enrolment of any student from a school without government authority shall not be valid.