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Our Identity

Sta. Clara Parish School is a parochial secondary school  under the Cluster 8 of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila Educational System (RCAM ES) and owned by the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila (RCAM).
She is a member of the Manila Ecclesiastical Province School Systems Association (MaPSA). 

School Philosophy

Sta. Clara Parish School acknowledges human persons as embodied spirits, who gradually, through time, becomes their FULL SELVES. They exercise their freedom to decide according to God’s plan, moving towards their final destiny, that is COMMUNION with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. True to her mission of EVANGELIZATION, the school commits to the INTEGRAL FORMATION of the human person, called to FULLNESS of LIFE in the Kingdom of God by living Christ’s Paschal Mystery with Mary as companion and Sta. Clara de Montefalco as model and inspiration.

As a parochial school, Sta. Clara Parish School upholds the Pastoral Plan of the Local Church and is one with the Parish in the realization of the transformation of society.

Institutional Objectives

In order to realize its vision and mission, the school aims to:

Provide not only a place but a Catholic environment to all members of the school which allow them to witness in their daily life their dynamic love of God, and sense of personal worth and respect for others, and to experience a truly Christian community.

Promote an appreciation for the dignity and capability of the Filipino by focusing on their rich cultural heritage as a people and the living out of their Filipino spirituality and values.
Encourage students to achieve academic excellence by fostering intellectual curiosity, analytical and logical thinking, and developing interests and aptitudes necessary to succeed in college and to choose a career wisely.
Help the students in identifying their vocational interests, discovering and developing their special talents and skills for productive endeavor in order to become a worthy and effective member of their family and community.
Involve the students in programs and activities that can offer a systematic understanding of the link between faith and life and a view of the dynamics of a Christian person as they participate in building a better community and world.
Motivate students to demonstrate the spirit of compassion through various school and community service and other Church related outreach programs.

Promote among the students the adherence to the church code of values and the great sense of responsibility to take good care of one’s dignity as well as the school’s dignity

In brief, the school aims to develop the students into persons who:
are fully human and integrated;
are active leaders in the Church and in the society;
care for their fellowmen and the environment; and
live their faith and the gospel values.

School Governance

Sta. Clara Parish School is an alternative Catholic learning institution owned by the Roman Archbishop of Manila (RCAM) and administered by the Sisters of the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) Congregation.
In their stay in the School, students are expected to be holistically formed through the well-thought out curricular, co- and extra-curricular programs imbued with values that SCPS promote in order that they will become productive citizens of the community and of the nation as a whole. Student services provide effective complementing programs compliant with the established policies and standards of the School.